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Buy American is not a slogan, it's my life story.

My name is Susan Duffy, and I am proud to be running for the open New York State Assembly seat in the 116th River District. 

I was born in Ogdensburg, NY in 1959 to Lloyd and Joan McGrath, the only daughter among nine brothers. My parents strived to raise us in such a way that we understood what hard work truly meant. They worked opposite shifts in order to ensure that there was always a parent home, we lived in subsidized housing until the time came that my father and brothers worked to renovate “our home”, in Ogdensburg’s 4th ward. I spent my summers on the St. Lawrence River in Red Mills, NY and that’s where my love of the river began. 

I graduated from OFA, and six weeks later I received my LPN certificate through BOCES. I met my then husband and moved out of NY. I lived in Florida, Arizona, Virginia, and Texas, and worked various jobs while raising my children. I owned a construction cleaning business, I was a waitress, a bartender, a laborer for home construction, a car salesman, a realtor and an advertising salesperson. I did whatever I needed to do in order to keep a roof over my family’s heads, and food in their stomachs. 

After my divorce, I returned home to NY. I had three children and no idea what to do as a single mom, but I knew I had to survive. With help from the Center for Homelessness, and the local food pantry, I was able to get back on my feet and fight for my family. Everyone needs a helping hand, myself included. My career in the ozone industry began in 1990 when I took a job with a manufacturer that had just started in the Ogdensburg area. Eventually, that career saw me returning to FL where I established Queenaire Technologies in 2001, and in 2006 I moved my business back to the area I loved. 

I converted my home into a Bed and Breakfast, and opened a waterfront gas station for boaters. At the time, there wasn’t a place for gas on the river for 40 miles in either direction. I had to fight the local planning board who tried to block this investment, an investment which brought tourism to our community. It was during this time that I realized how ingrained this “anti business” sentiment was here, and I knew I had to get involved. I was the first female elected to Lisbon’s town board, a position I held for seven years. I have routinely worked to support local candidates, and now I feel it’s my turn to serve the people who love the river district just as much as I do. 

Why do I deserve your vote? I know that’s a question you’re asking, and it’s valid. President Theodore Roosevelt’s most famous speech is the “Man in the Arena," during which  President Roosevelt so eloquently states that “the credit belongs to the man in the arena,” and I have spent my entire life in the arena. I have struggled, I have persevered, I have known growth and adversity. I have seen the worst in people, but I have also seen the best, and I want to serve the people who helped give me a hand up when I needed it. I am blunt, but I am loyal and I will fight for you if you give me the opportunity to represent you.


I am a “kitchen table” politician, meaning I did not spend my entire life being groomed for this. I have real world experience. I know we as a community agree, more often than we disagree. I’m not a figurehead, or some talking point, I am a fiscal conservative but I understand the balance that social issues need. I am ready to fight for our community. 

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